Snuggle Inn Luxury Cat Hotel suites

Our Suits are built strictly within the guidelines published by the British Veterinary Association and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, providing the ultimate in comfort and hygiene for all guests.

The suites are so spacious that the Penthouse style suites comfortably accommodate families of four, while the Bungalow style suites (ideally suited for the less able guest) comfortably accommodate families of between three & four. Some of the suites also have dividers which can be removed to accommodate families of up to eight.

Each of the suites consists of sleeping quarters to the rear, which can be closed off completely to keep guests snug in bad weather. Each bedroom has individually thermostatically controlled radiators. Each bedroom opens out into its own exercise run via a glass/PVC door containing a cat flap for guests to utilise when the door is closed.

The top half of the run area is made of toughened safety glass and there is a viewing platform where guests may sit and watch birds and other wildlife that frequent the cattery garden. This also allows guests to see other residents if they wish. Each exercise area opens via a sturdy mesh door to an escape-proof safety corridor, which in turn leads to a secure reception area. This is to ensure all guest remain safe throughout their stay.

The designers and builders of Pedigree Pens have been awarded the ISO BS EN 9001 British Quality Standard Accreditation.